VI Semi-conductor Materials is a leading manufacturer on subdivision. We specialized in compound semiconductor materials based on continuous technique accumulation and precipitation since 1990s . We make the most of reliable and proven technologies to develop and manufacture advanced materials for customers. We’re working with our customers to develop sustainable innovations and address some of the most complex challenges, including perovskite solar energy, solid electrolyte, optical quantum chips, synthetic crystals ,infrared materials etc.


Products are widely used in perovskite solar energy, solid lithium electricity, optical quantum chip doping, crystal materials, infrared and other fields.


Professional team

VI Semi-conductor Materials has more than 30 years experiences on high-purity metals and compounds. We provide professional solutions to customers based on first-class R&D,manufacturing capabilities and high response speed.

Customized service

VI Semi-conductor Materials has products production technology and supplying experience of II-VI, III-V and halogen compound products, can provide a large number of products you need. We can also tailor it according to your specific needs.

Laboratory to

From small batch R&D to mass production
Ensure the stability of the process and product quality